Client: Concord Adex Developments Corp., Toronto, Canada
Architect: Page+Steele / IBI Group Architects, Toronto, Canada
Lighting Designer/Artist: Adrian Göllner, Ottawa, Canada

Concord Cityplace Block 33 is the third condominium complex built for Concord Adex in the heart of downtown Toronto. Concord, Canada’s largest residential developer, was looking for a way to distinguish and define their towers against a very corporate commercial skyline. SACO collaborated with the artist Adrian Göllner to create a special rooftop lighting treatment of Towers AA and BB of Block 33.

While observant of the protocols and aesthetics of the existing Warm By Night art lighting program, the proximity of the towers to the Gardiner Expressway and the need to visually anchor the CityPlace development in the west, SACO illuminated the top sections in blue and purple using Shockwave V-Pix-4 in the window, combined with the slim, stylish, and adjustable Shockwave Delta-2 fixtures stacked two deep on the floor and lighting towards the interior of the space.

The lighting concept developed for the two towers was entitled Drift by the artist. The Drift lighting concept saw the lantern elements of Towers AA and BB run slow evolving color cycles. Set slightly out of phase with one another, the colors in the cycle match a couple of times an evening. This colored light element was created by casting SACO LED lighting into the white-painted mechanical area of the towers so that it glows outward through the glazed lantern areas. Added to the slowly shifting colors was a shimmer effect. Matching the color of the cast LED illumination but varying in tint and tone, grids of LED pucks were suspended just behind the lantern glazing and ran pond-like ripple patterns to enhance and enliven the shifting color cycles.

In addition to Block 33, SACO also created an artistic rooftop lighting treatment for CityPlace towers, south of Front St. on both sides of Spadina Avenue and illuminated the Puente de Luz footbridge. For more information, click here.

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Project Specs:

  • 64 Shockwave DELTA-2 products
  • 376 V-BRITE pixel system products
  • 2 PHAROS DMX controllers
  • Shockwave V-BRAIN 100 control and power system