Client: Cadillac Fairview Corporation
Architect: Zeidler BKDI
Lighting Designer: Focus Lighting
Construction Company: PCL Construction Management Inc.

Located in the Eau Claire district in Calgary, Canada, Cadillac Fairview’s leading-edge office tower, Calgary City Centre, benefits from a highly sustainable design realized by renowned architects Zeidler BKDI. To provide an equally impressive night-time identity, Focus Lighting conceived a unique digital media facade (DMF) that spans 2 floors from within the building and reaches another floor outside past the roofline. Invisible during the day, the DMF becomes the voice of the tower at night, communicating beautiful content to the entire downtown core.  To bring this technological vision to life, Cadillac Fairview and PCL approached SACO, who designed custom carriers that would house its award winning V-Stick Media technology.

SACO delivered 2 kilometers of V-Stick, arranged to flow along the buildings geometry. Located behind tinted glass, the fixtures remain concealed during the day and emerge in brilliant colors when night falls.

The V-Stick product was carefully selected, not only for its superior brightness and quality, but also for its durability and ability to withstand the extreme weather conditions associated to Alberta.

The Calgary City Centre Tower is a visual focal point in Calgary’s downtown landscape enhanced by its media facade making it a very distinctive piece of architecture.

SACO Media Collective collaborated with Focus Lighting to provide fresh and engaging digital video content inspired by nature for the facade that regularly adapts to match the changing seasons.

“Working with the PCL and the CFC team was a true collaborative effort that resulted in a perfect execution, we are very proud of the outcome,” says Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President and CMO of SACO.

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