Elton John’s The Million Dollar Piano show opened in September at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas. The stage piano is a custom Yamaha grand piano which took 4 years to complete. It can show live or recorded video, animations, and colours, which follow the music being played using 68 LED video panels. Representing a journey through his career with accompanying visuals from his music, life and related historical events, the show has a strong personal theme. Dressed to the nines as usual, Elton Johns fills the show with songs and stories about people who inspire him, such as John Lennon, Elizabeth Taylor and Bernie Taupin, his co-writer for most of his career.

Incorporating a video panel created by SACO, in collaboration with Yamaha Entertainment, the singer uses the media-interactive piano as part of his Million Dollar Piano show at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, which debuted in September.

The piano utilizes a high-definition LED canvas designed and manufactured by SACO’s technology arm in Montreal. The piano skin is transparent, with a 3-mm high density, high-resolution video screen canvas custom designed for this project. The materials that comprise the actual skin, according to SACO, were carefully selected and tested with the LED canvas so that when the LED screen is off or displaying black, the skin appears to be the rich Yamaha wood which is synonymous with Yamaha quality. The piano LED canvas has the ability to generate interactive content, directly interfacing with the sound of the piano, so imagery changes in real time to visually express the music.

In addition, the piano legs are transparent custom shaped acrylic prisms so the piano can appear to float when desired or deflect light in other instances and polygons are used to express the piano’s silhouette. Taken as a whole, these electrifying elements allow the piano to express itself not only by sound but also by images; images that can be changed easily to suit the inspiration of Elton John.