Client: DTMB, Montreal, Canada

The Montreal Grand Prix is the biggest event in all of Canada. The 2012 Formula 1 race was the 49th Canadian Grand Prix and was celebrated with world-class parties and more! SACO illuminated the party at Le Windsor Ballroom using white Shockwave LED C-Prox sticks, placed on custom stands throughout the elegant venue and on every side of the exterior entrance. To achieve the required lighting effects, SACO also created a wall wash effect using its Shockwave Alfa fixtures. The sleek enhancement to the space delivered the vision of our client and allowed the elite community of international racing to enjoy the world-class party with class, charm, and style.

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Project Specs:

  • 50 Shockwave ALFA RGB
  • SWITCH Control system
  • 15 Shockwave V-Brains
  • 110 Shockwave C-PROX mounted on custom stands