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SACO has just recently completed an install of it’s supreme LED Hi-Bay white light fixtures for Turkey’s IASK Indoor Arena. The horse-riding arena situated in Istanbul were in desperate need of a brighter, whiter light as the current metal Halide lamps made for a gloomy, sombre environment.

SACO fitted 33 of the LSI Industries LED Hi-Bay white light fixtures to the underside of the arena’s rooftop, 11 less than the older Halide lamps (total 44). Not only did SACO create this radical change through fewer fixtures, but it also slashed the energy input by over half.

The contrast between the old and new SACO light has already made a huge difference for riders and personnel at the arena.

“It is always a hesitating feeling to ride under the lights that horses are so picky that they might get confused with the shades. Now being able to ride at Istanbul Equestrian Clubs newly structured LED lighting system, there is nothing to worry; cause everything is bright and shiny!”
Gulru Kutlu – Rider

“Having the idea of renewing the lighting system, I was pretty sure that LEDs would bring a huge benefit to the financial side. But after the LSI LEDs installed, the opinions of the riders and members were so impressed and amazed that I’m glad we had such an investment. I hope not only in Turkey but the whole of the equestrian world would benefit from such lighting system.”
Ali Ersin – President of the board

“I used to think that our facility had the best lighting equipment for the safety of horses & riders and the requirements of any organization. After we planted the LSI LEDs; the difference is like night and day. There is not much left that can’t be seen.”
Ayse Danismend – Event Director