Client/Owner: Liberty Center, Liberty Township, Ohio
Concept, Artistic Direction & Feature DesignSardi Design, Miami, Florida
Multimedia Content Production: Float4, Montreal, Canada
Control Design & Engineering: Smart Monkeys Inc., Miami, Florida
Media Feature Production & Installation: SACO Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada
Sponsorship & Narrative Concept: MRA International, Miami, Florida

SACO unveiled its video lighting installation at the newly created premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, Liberty Center, in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Atop the center’s Rooftop Acropolis, rests a premier event space, Unity Chapel, which features The Rosette, a high-tech update of traditional stained-glass windows. Not just an ordinary chapel screen, SACO fabricated and installed a high-resolution SACO SmartVision 4mm LED screen that enhances the experience within the property.

The Rosette uses a 4mm pitch LED tile product that is mounted within a customized circular frame and an architecturally inspired “ferramenta”, the supporting ironwork associated with stained glass panels. The multimedia content changes gradually and almost imperceptibly. Original multimedia content was created to reflect a diverse range of religious and spiritual traditions. Users of the Chapel space can set the Rosette to show imagery appropriate for their activity.

“What made this project so special was the collaboration with the client and the design team from the very beginning. It allowed us to develop and integrate our media solutions within the very fabric of the building, which in turn completely conceals the technology and allows the design to shine,” says Jonathan Labbee, Executive Producer & CMO.

In addition to the Chapel screen, SACO also created custom features for the exterior stack and the LED video screen within the property. If you would like more information about SACO or our LED Media and Lighting Technology and solutions, please get in touch at

Project Specs:

  • Size:
    • Height: 1728mm (5’ 8 1/32’’)
    • Width: 1728mm (5’ 8 1/32’’)
    • Diameter: 1651mm (5’ 5 1/32’’)
  • Resolution:
    • Vertical pixel pitch: 4mm
    • Horizontal pixel pitch: 4mm
    • Height: 432 pixels
    • Width: 432 pixels
    • Diameter: 412 pixels
  • Features:
    • 69 x 192mm SACO High-Res LED Modules
    • 16BITS Color processing (341 Trillion Shades)
    • Adjustable 300Hz to 5,400Hz Scanning speed