Client/Owner: Liberty Center, Liberty Township, Ohio
Concept, Artistic Direction & Feature DesignSardi Design, Miami, Florida
Multimedia Content Production: Float4, Montreal, Canada
Control Design & Engineering: Smart Monkeys Inc., Miami, Florida
Media Feature Production & Installation: SACO Technologies Inc., Montreal, Canada
Sponsorship & Narrative Concept: MRA International, Miami, Florida

SACO unveiled its video lighting installation at the newly created premier shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, Liberty Center, in the heart of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA. Within Liberty Center’s central Foundry building, The Forge, a large-scale LED display integrated above an active hearth, enlivens the living room space, a warm and welcoming gathering point for Liberty Center guests and residents. Not just an ordinary brick wall, SACO fabricated and installed a high-resolution SACO SmartVision 4mm LED screen that enhances the shopper experience within the property.

Seamlessly integrated into a 4-sided structure with the other 3 faces clad in brick; the screen set on the Forge sits immediately above an operating gas-fired hearth, which forms the base of an integrated structure that extends 120 feet from the interior of the Foundry’s living room, through the roof, to become the exterior beacon for Liberty Center. The total screen size placed on the structure is 12’ 1 3/8” W by 20’ 10” H, and the screen is made up of 627 individual modules, each measuring 48 x 48 pixels. In all, the screen contains more than 1.4 million RGB LED pixels. The LED brightness is controlled to change during the day, adjusting to different lighting conditions. The high-resolution LED display has a refresh rate of 4000 Hz – 40 times faster than a standard TV.

The feature uses a video optical illusion effect where the entire structure appears to be real brick, then magically transforms to reveal a range of creative expressions. It took 17 versions before the content production team was able to seamlessly match the video brick to the physical brick. A curated media program offers creative expressions of the space’s identity.

“What made this project so special was the collaboration with the client and the design team from the very beginning. It allowed us to develop and integrate our media solutions within the very fabric of the building, which in turn completely conceals the technology and allows the design to shine,” says Jonathan Labbee, Executive Producer & CMO.

In addition to the LED video screen, SACO also created custom features for the exterior stack and the Chapel screen within the property. If you would like more information about SACO or our LED Media and Lighting Technology and solutions, please get in touch at

Project Specs:

  • Size:
    • Height: 6336mm (20’ 9 15/32’’)
    • Width: 3648mm High (11’ 11 5/8’’)
  • Resolution:
    • Vertical pixel pitch: 4mm
    • Horizontal pixel pitch: 4mm
    • Height: 1584 pixels
    • Width: 912 pixels
  • Features:
    • 33 by 19 x 192mm SACO High-Res LED Modules
    • 16BITS Color processing (341 Trillion Shades)
    • Adjustable 300Hz to 5,400Hz Scanning speed



As a designer of destinations and immersive environments I have looked to integrate digital media in ways that create a sense of wonder, engagement and delight.

SACO responded to a unique challenge I presented to them for the design of a 120’ media icon for Liberty Center, that integrated a 60‘ community hearth at the main forum of a town center that then extended through the roof to serve as a beacon for the project.

The challenge for the hearth was to integrate a wall of media with a 4-sided brick structure such that the media product appeared completely integral with the actual brick when we ran a brick pattern. The hearth was to magically transform in front of the viewers with brick falling away to reveal a scene. SACO worked to create custom corbeled 4 mm tile edge and super tight seams to ensure the vision would be realized.

For the beacon designed to be seen for a 3-mile radius SACO used the V-Stick to create an elegant vertical lattice surrounding a cylindrical tower symbolizing the historic industrial stacks of Cincinnati. The challenge for SACO was to have the V-Sticks perform as a canvas from all perspectives with artistic waves and patterns displayed based on generative data.

SACO’s team of media designers, production specialists, engineers and architects were essential in bringing this vision into reality: a media icon that extends from an interior space into a towering cylindrical beacon. The V-Stick product is testament to their striving for materials and solutions to architectural challenges, but it is their team culture that allowed us to create a sense of wonder and authenticity.

I have enjoyed working with SACO to bring dreams into reality.

Marcela Sardi, President of Sardi Design Inc.