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SACO is proud to have collaborated with artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer to create the enormous interactive Solar Equation lighting installation that will shine like the sun at the Musée national des beaux-arts du Québec (MNBAQ) until April 28, 2019.

“I’m delighted to have worked with SACO on a variety of permanent and rental projects around the world,” said Lozano-Hemmer. “For Solar Equation, we developed a 3-dimensional representation of the sun possible by the lightweight and slim profile of the V-Sticks. Despite this low profile, their brightness allows the piece to be visible even in daylight.”

Spanning 3 metres in diameter and weighing nearly 1,500 kg, this massive installation is made up of 25,580 LED lights on 342 battens suspended in the public area at the entrance to the museum. SACO brought the bold installation to life using its innovative V-Stick S LED Video Light fixtures from its Shockwave Direct View series. The content is generated from data recorded by NASA’s Solar Observatory to recreate the activity observed on the surface of the sun. The imagery is not a video loop but a live simulation that never repeats itself.

“Technology and nature may seem worlds apart but are often more interconnected than we tend to think. To make Solar Equation possible, SACO used beautifully crafted materials and combined them with media technology to create a unique representation of the artist’s intent. The result is incredible, and SACO is glad to be part of this journey,” said Fred Jalbout, Chairman and CEO of SACO.

The art piece was unveiled for the first time at the inaugural exhibition of the Amorepacific Museum of Art, located in Seoul, South Korea, and is making its Canadian premiere debut in Quebec City.

“SACO is known for pushing boundaries and making the impossible happen,” said Jonathan Labbee, Executive Vice-President & CMO of SACO. “We are very proud to collaborate with a talented artist like Lozano-Hemmer to develop something extraordinary. The sphere is suspended from SACO’s custom-designed top plate over 11 meters high. The size of the installation and the boldness of the project make it an incomparable experience.”

Solar Equation is one of several collaborations between SACO and Lozano-Hemmer. SACO and the artist have partnered on other interactive works, such as the Colorimeter at Maison Manuvie in Montreal, Canada and Voice Theatre, a site-specific sound and light installation developed for Augusta Raurica, an archaeological site in Switzerland.

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