Development Firm & Culture Company: Westbank, Vancouver, Canada
Artist: Douglas Coupland, Toronto, Canada
Construction: Icon West Construction, Vancouver, Canada
Agent: SDA Lighting & Controls, New York, USA
Media Content: SACO Media Collective, Montreal, Canada

SACO is delighted to work with development firm and culture company Westbank, and renowned Canadian artist and author Douglas Coupland to feature one of the largest public art installations in Canada. Northern Lights, a 160,000 square foot LED-based art installation on the new TELUS Sky building, will add a new work of global significance to Calgary’s vibrant public art culture.

The opening for TELUS Sky is planned for 2019 and it will be the third tallest building in the city’s skyline. SACO entirely transformed the north and south facades of the 60-storey tower clad in a dynamic and colorful LED installation by using its innovative Shockwave Direct View V-Stick LED Light fixtures.

SACO pushed the envelope by creating a custom 90-degree angled V-Stick and developed a sleek custom machined housing for each V-Stick to seamlessly integrate into the building’s unique architecture and inspire wonder with a spellbinding show that honours the aurora borealis.

SACO’s Core Video Processor and Disguise Media Server content player delivers mapping of the project and content. The entire system is controlled by SACO’s high speed V-Stream video communication technology and is mapped at a 25mm pixel pitch, thus allowing for smooth and elegant high-res media movement effects and colours.

Westbank also contracted SACO’s media division, SACO Media Collective, to assist the artist in the programming and sequencing of the new Telus Sky media façade. The aurora borealis sequences are photos of the north polar phenomenon that scroll sideways across Telus Sky, creating an amazing sense of real time motion and energy.

Sources: Canadian Architect and CBC

Project Specs: