Agent: Repco II
Consulting Engineer/Lighting Designer: CJL Engineering
Electrical Contractor: Clista Electric

The Union Trust Building is an amazing historical structure in western Pennsylvania that features restaurants, a gym, a 400-seat theater, an arcade shopping level, a dazzling 150-foot high stained-glass atrium, and more. The 500,000 square foot building opened in 1915 and underwent a dramatic $100 million renovation in 2016 by Boston developer, Davis Companies, to create a vibrant, modern, LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified work/play environment. (Source

SACO was thrilled to work with our Pittsburgh-based partners, our agent Repco II, Consulting Engineer/Lighting Designer CJL Engineering and Electrical Contractor  Clista Electric, to provide a lighting solution that would seamlessly integrate with the century-old architecture and highlight its beauty. To deliver the vision of our client, SACO used a combination of Shockwave bright white light products and designed custom brackets and accessories. The Union Trust Building in Downtown Pittsburgh was awarded a 2018 American Architecture Award for building restoration.

Project Specs:

  • 262 Shockwave ALFA products
  • 160 Shockwave DELTA-2 products
  • 58 Shockwave ECKO products
  • 200 Shockwave C-PROX
  • Shockwave V-BRAIN-100 control and power system