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LSII is proud to present the return of SACO to the forefront of Solid State lighting innovation. Last August, LSI INTERNATIONAL re-acquired its original and innovative R&D division from LSI Industries, and have put it to great use since.

The creation of the Shockwave product line utilizes SACO’s SmartVision technology and its incredibly fast V-Stream Video communication protocol for non-parallel colour depth and fidelity. With over 65,000 levels of dimming per colour, the days of “jerky” DMX dimming control are over.

But wait, things get even better, the SACO communication protocol is fully compatible with SACO’s video screen and media products, meaning that when you develop a project that has both lighting and media interventions, the entire projects gets treated one. The result is true convergence; It becomes so much easier to flow from one product to another, creating an uninterrupted user experience.

All of this is possible due to the 28 years of expertise developed by SACO in LED lighting and video fields, and even better, its all protected by a solid base of international patents.

So let your creativity run free, Video screens, Media façades, Architectural lighting, interactive control systems….. the world is yours to light up! We will provide you with the tools.

To Celebrate this new era in Video Lighting, LSII and SACO have setup a private venue near the Javits Centre, where your team and clients will be introduced to the entire line of SACO’s innovative Shockwave Video Lighting products and solutions.

See you all at LightFair 2015 in NYC.

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