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Light, dynamic and brilliantly settled in a local context. HBZ Stadium won the unanimous approval from our Stadium of the Year Jury!

It’s only the first stadium delivered by London-based Pattern Architects but already shows great potential. The lightness and dynamics are clear even from afar. “The swooping roof is clean, pleasing and very well executed and integrates well with the façade element.” Says Mike Bell of R&L Architects. Also, Șerban Țigănaș is captivated by the design: “I only expect this structure to move, to change its’ place, to breathe or shake a bit. Wonderful high-tech in light and soft elements”.

Bob van Bebber (Boogertman & Partners) adds: “The local aesthetic and cultural references have been very well exploited and executed to give the local emirate a very distinctive building that is both functional, in a very harsh environment, as well as one that has its design essence in the local tradition. Making it instantly recognizable and giving it a place of pride and a sense of ownership within the local community.

“Maybe the only criticism one could offer is that the corners of the seating bowl could have been resolved somewhat better.”

Bruno Campos joins the choir of positive reviews with his professional opinion: “A fantastic job, by all means, Pattern Architects design makes innovation and tradition meet in harmony in this project. The amazing stadium’s parametric skin works as a cooling device for the extreme local climate conditions and gives it a unique identity at the same time, making us almost think it couldn’t have been designed otherwise.”

The full score of Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium can be found below:
News story courteous of stadiumdb.com

Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium won the unanimous approval from our Stadium of the Year Jury!

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