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Architectural SSL PIA Award
SACO Technologies Inc. is thrilled to earn the Architectural SSL magazine award for The Most Impactful Use of SSL for creating the tallest media facade on the planet at Burj Khalifa in Dubai using its Shockwave V-Stick technology. The SACO Shockwave V-Stick is a stylish, compact, easily dissimulated video fixture using high-performance LEDs to deliver uninterrupted lines of light. Each pixel is an RGB LED that is individually controlled and can display anything from uniform static colors to dynamic video lighting effects. The LED screen running down the east side of the Burj Khalifa tower extends over 28 km of SACO V-Sticks that emit 1,139,144 RGB pixels all the way up to 770 meters of the 828-meter structure. The result is a clean, non-disruptive installation that will achieve its mission for the years to come.

Each year, the Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards (PIA) recognizes innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also spotlighting the players behind the components that make up these light sources. With judging from a distinguished panel of 18 designers and lighting specialists skilled in product evaluation, the PIA program awards manufacturers based on attributes, qualities, functionality and performance beyond industry standards.

“Winning an award from PIA, where competition is strong, is a fantastic achievement and a testament to the out-of-the-box thinking and the hard work that was put in by so many people in order to bring this project to life,” said Jonathan Labbee, SACO Executive Vice-President and COO. “We are honored to have Emaar Properties Dubai, owner/operator of Burj Khalifa, entrusts SACO to deliver this amazing project. Our clients are the real stars.”

Yanick Fournier, SACO Vice-President of Business Development added: “The response from PIA is extremely gratifying. It was quite a 7-month journey bringing all the elements together, and having it controlled from the same system to allow for fully coordinated regular shows. The support from our partner, 3S Lighting, has been incredible and Emaar is a fantastic client, raising the standard of architectural video lighting to a new level.”

As a winner, SACO will be covered editorially in the featured special report of the October 2019 issue of Architectural SSL.

About SACO
With corporate offices in Europe, the Middle East and North America, SACO’s team boasts over 30 years of experience in the development and supply of industry-leading solid-state LED lighting and media solutions. The vast expertise of the SACO team ensures that interfacing with architects, designers, tour managers, and other professionals is seamless and efficient.

For further information and to request interviews, please contact Debbie Stein, Vice-President of Marketing, at +1-514-612-3868 or debbie@saco.com

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